Social media is undeniably the most impactful thing that exists today, and technology has indeed been building the whole system for better applications. Almost everyone is a part of the vast network with an account on major social platforms, but many of us may not be educated enough to understand the need for forums and media that can connect professionals from different parts of the world. Consider the possibility of getting in touch with a person of the same profession as you but from a different country; it would pave the path to a collaboration for new and reformed systems.

Doctors should also make use of these forums to get in touch with more professionals to gain in-depth knowledge about the health sector and the developing medicines. Physician-oriented social networking sites are functioning to help connect doctors from various hospitals. It may also provide patients the facility of getting in touch with these professionals for faster treatment methods. Crowd-sourcing, connection, and education are some of the benefits of using these platforms. Let us look at a few sites that will help the physicians in professional development and increase networking opportunities.

1. Sermo

This platform includes physicians from Australia, the US, the UK, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, and many more countries. Sermo is the biggest verified social network for doctors, and it has been successful in offering a site that focuses on the collaboration of multiple physicians. Real-life medical questions can be asked here to get answers from your peers, and this can be done anonymously. Members of the platform can also make money from the connections if they weigh in on the current drugs and medical devices. Everything about Sermo is splendid enough for the users to stick to, and the platform could be expanding to incorporate more features.

2. Doximity

Doximity is relatively new to the business but has managed to gain a fairly good number of users in a short time. This platform aims at connecting with doctors you already know, and this would improve the overall performance of the different healthcare centers throughout the country. You can create a profile and upload your education details and certifications to join the platform. Physicians can call patients from their personal cell phones with the number generated at the time of the account creation.

3. DailyRounds

The targeted demographic of this platform is the international physicians, and it has succeeded in making almost 30,000 sign-ups since its launch. DailyRounds combines the elements of a medical journal and a social network to help doctors connect for faster implementation of certain healthy practices. Physicians can use the platform to upload case files to exchange wisdom and clear doubts regarding a patient’s conditions. Simple chatting has also been enabled on DailyRounds to bring concepts closer to successful execution.