Straight Razor VS Safety Razor

For some people shaving goes down from generation to generation, for others they never really had a shaving figure who initiated them in the trade. For those who find wet shaving cool and would like to give a try you are probably come across a little dilemma: should I shave with a straight razor or safety razor. These are very different shaving style, but they are many ways which lead to Rome. One is more hardcore the other is more widely spread.

Shaving With A Straight Razor

Maybe you guessed it, but using a straight razor is kinda a bad ass and that’s probably why you are attached to it in the first place. Although it may look intimidating at first, you definitely get the hang of things rather quickly.  One of the first challenge you need to overcome is holding the blade properly. Once you have find you angle it’s just like riding a bicycle. Also something that you will need to learn is how to sharpen your razor. This is rather easy to once you find a good stone to sharpen with.

If you are persistent and your beard is the quick sprout type after 3 to 4 shave you should be shaving like a pro.

Shaving With A Safety Razor

As its name implies, it’s more on the safe side of the saving (but less safer than electric razor). The only thing you need to get started is to have a frame and blades. You can keep the frame for a very long time but you will need to replace the blades often. Compare to straight razor who will last forever.

Wet shaving with a straight razor is more satisfying than the safety razor, after all safety is not that fun anyways.

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What To Do In Case Of A Dental Emergency In Calgary

Dental accidents can occur at any time and when it happens you need to get emergency dental care services as fast as possible. Failure to seek quick dental care can lead to more damage if not permanent damage later on which would require more extensive and expensive treatment. An emergency dentist can help with whatever you are suffering, whether from a broken tooth, injured jaw, lost filling or you have a strong toothache.


Factors that lead to dental emergency and what to do

Dental emergency can be a result of different factors. Following are some of the factors that lead to dental emergency as well as steps you can take to minimize pain before you are attended to by an emergency dentist.

Broken tooth

When any of your teeth breaks, don’t try to remove the broken pieces or pull the tooth out as that could cause more damage. Rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply a cold compress to reduce swelling on the area and then call your Calgary emergency dentist immediately.


Toothaches are mainly caused by food or other debris stuck in between teeth. The pain can be mild or unbearable. When this happens, rinse your mouth with warm water and floss between the teeth so as to remove excess particles.

Lost tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out try as much as you can to save the tooth by rinsing any dirt off the tooth; remember not to touch its root or remove any tissues from it and only hold it by the crown. Put the tooth in a container full of milk or place the tooth in your mouth and then rush with it to your emergency dentist.

Bitten tongue or lip

Biting oneself during chewing is very common and causes swelling. Reduce the swelling by using a cold compress until the bleeding stops, I it does not, rush to your doctor immediately.

Cracked tooth

It is common to crack a tooth and fail to know it immediately. Pain from a cracked tooth can sometimes be so severe such that it is hard to know from which tooth it emanates. Biting on food, change in temperature serve to increase the pain. When you experience tooth sensitivity or sharp pains whenever you bite on food or sip some liquid, make an appointment with your dentist to find out whether you have a tooth crack. Your dentist will advice you on whether to have it filled or plucked out.

How to prevent dental emergencies

To prevent dental emergencies, maintaining a good oral health is very important. This involves regular brushing and flossing, avoiding biting hard on hard popcorn kernels, hard candy and also avoiding chewing on ice as doing this could crack your teeth even without you knowing. As well, don’t force your teeth to open or tear a package. If you play a sport that might harm your teeth such as rugby, football, hockey or any other sport always wear a mouth-guard which cushions your teeth from excessive trauma or force.

Ensure you go for regular dental checkups which allow your dentist to diagnose and treat dental problems before they turn out to be more painful or severe.

But even with such measures, accidents can still occur hence the need to have a reputable emergency dentist to handle your dental emergencies. If you are in Calgary city, visit our dental clinic to see how we can help you improve your dental hygiene and whenever you face a dental emergency, call us immediately. We work round the clock to ensure you get quality emergency dental care whatever the time of day you need it.

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Having A Liposuction Surgery In Toronto

A liposuction surgery consist of a fat uniting system that trades fats from areas which you have overabundance fat, for example, the external thighs, and inserts it into zones that may be requiring in volume, for occasion, your face, hands, chests or back. This plastic surgery expels fat from the body utilizing suction. This procedure requires little, thin, blunt tipped tubes (canula) to be embedded which is done by making little cuts in the skin. Through tubes, the fat is evacuated by the specialist as he moves the tubes to target particular fat stores beneath the skin. If you live in Canada you can get a liposuction in Toronto at very good price.

liposuction before and after

Benefits Of A Liposuction Surgery

The purpose behind liposuction is to reshape one or more zones of the body and not to lessen body weight. It is done on certain issue areas of the body that have not reacted well to eating diet and exercise. Normally these ranges are on the external thighs and hips of ladies alongside the waist of ladies and in addition back on account of men. The regions which are generally treated with the help of liposuction are the legs, buttocks, abdomen, face, neck, back and upper arms. It helps in treating certain restorative conditions like:

  • Benign fatty tumors
  • Abnormal expansion of the men breasts
  • Issue with digestion system of fat in the body
  • Over-sweating in the arm pit region

Liposuction is generally extremely viable at expelling fat stores from particular regions of the body. However in the event that one gain another fat after liposuction, the fatty lumps that were removed may return or show up in other place.

Generally some change fit as shape of the body is seen quickly post surgery. improvement patterns will indicate consistently as the swelling goes away bit by bit. Additionally impact of liposuction may take a while to a year to appear.

Normally liposuction does not fix the skin over the treated area. When the fat has been evacuated, the skin around the territory has a tendency to end up loose. This will require significant time which may be up to 6 months for the skin to fix. A few individuals have extremely flexible skin which withdraws rapidly when contrasted with other individuals’ skin. More youthful skin for the most part has higher versatility when contrasted with more order skin.

It would not be good to have liposuction helping you with losing weight.

Potential Dangers Of A Liposuction

Typically liposuction if done in a decent center with an expert specialist is protected. On the off chance that more than one region is being dealt with, or if the areas treated is substantial, possibilities of complication are higher.

Regular side effect of liposuction are as per the following:

  • An interim swelling with some soreness, bruising and numbness in and around the regions which have been dealt with.
  • Aggravation and minor scratching around the locales where the cannula were inserted.
  • Rippling or Baggy skin. Generally the skin will be tight after couple of months yet there have additionally been situations where it stays loose. Changes in the skin shading which may be lasting.
  • The treated region may get to be uneven.
  • Finding The Right Surgeon For A Liposuction

When looking for a liposuction surgeon you should look for the one who have the following: Qualification and experience, Surgical facilities and Check the before and after photos of patients.

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